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Our Story

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Bruno Parise story has his roots in a world with a traditional flavor, a world of weaving straw, an ancient practice where craftsmanship is linked to artisanal creativity. Bruno Parise will never forget this world, and he will use it to create his sign of recognition, synonymous with Italian excellence. After several success in knitwear business, nationwide and abroad, in 2010 this creative entrepreneur decided to start a new adventure founding Bruno Parise. In 2012 his daughter Alessandra enters into the company, giving coherence and planning to what until then was a wonderful craft adventure, but far from the industrial dimension that has now reached the company.  

Bruno Parise represents a new way to conceive bags: his aim is to combine the manufacturing tradition of Veneto with an innovative style which could be appealing for both Italian and Worldwide markets. In fact Bruno Parise manufactures its soft leather handbags using an early 18th Century treadle loom employed for the production of magnificent Venetian tapestries. The frame has been modified so as to weave thin strips of leather with a cloth made of same color cotton threads. Very few people are able to use this loom and master its ancient technique, which distinguishes Bruno Parise and its unique products.   Bruno Parise’s collections always celebrate identity and craftsmanship of this brand. Its models have timeless shapes and are available in original colors. Volumes are intelligently constructed and perfectly handcrafted, so as to emphasize Bruno Parise’s weaving.

Collections are harmonious and complete, and seduce women who want to emerge with quality and design and reject mass market fashion.   ​​​​​​​Bruno Parise wants to promote magnificent handmade products of Venetian artists thanks its unique weaving. So this ancient technique represents a base to create an incredible variety of luxury products. In fact, starting from 2015, Bruno Parise has worked on interesting evolutions of its collections, realizing, for example, a brand new collection of artisanal shoes handmade in the Venetian area, already famous for creating shoes for Valentino,  Jimmy Choo, Cinzia Araia and some of the most interesting emerging brand. However, as newspapers such as «Il Sole 24 Ore» and «D di Repubblica» noticed, Bruno Parise’s weaving is a living fabric, which can be also used for creating clothes and luxury furniture.  


​​​​​​​"This is our history and our future."