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Your Bruno Parise

By purchasing a Bruno Parise bag, you get hold of a small work of art: the processes that led to the creation of this garment are entirely made by hand.

First of all, made by hand is the process of weaving of leather: in order to achieve its goal, Bruno Parise uses a wooden pedal frame born in the early 1700s to create wonderful tapestries Venice.
The artisans weave thin strips of leather with a canvas of cotton threads dyed of the same color of the leather: only very few people are able to use these treadle looms to perfectly realize this spectacular result that makes the leather look like a soft fabric.

The second manual process is that of the façon. French borders, eyelets, trimmings: these are all workmanship that the best leather goods manufacturers in the Veneto perform meticulously by hand, paying close attention to details and finishes.

For this reason, when you buy a Bruno Parise bag, you get hold of a small work of art rich in details and at the same time of small differences and imperfections that denote the strongly handcrafted nature, from the irregularity of the seams to the evidence of the cotton yarn that weaves leather.

Each bag is unique, like the woman who will wear it.

This section contains the information necessary to take care of your little piece of art, your Bruno Parise.

The care of Your Bruno Parise.

Our primary objective is to ensure that your Bruno Parise lasts forever, and can be handed down from mother to daughter. To do this we want to point out some important precautions to be taken in the care of your Bruno Parise.

Your Bruno Parise is an extremely resistant bag but with a very particular nature, due to the frame-woven component, and it is therefore necessary to have greater attention in its use compared to other types of bags, avoiding particular traumas due to an incautious and careless use.

The leather used both for the woven parts and for the smooth leather parts (such as handles, pocket finishes, etc.) is 100% Cow Leather, treated in compliance with the REACH and substance concentration requirements chemicals required by law (eg Cr Vi, Ni, Pb, etc.).
These are delicate leathers, and for this reason it is necessary to avoid contact with high heat sources, direct light sources and greases. It is also advisable to avoid contact with light clothing that could - in rare cases - stain with the raw part of the leather, when visible.

The main component of your bag, is a "fabric" made with a treadle loom of the '700 that weaves leather strips with 100% cotton yarn. It is subjected to a fastening by a thermoadhesive cloth which allows a reinforcement of the fabric itself. Despite being a very resistant fabric, the non-synthetic nature of the yarn makes this woven leather vulnerable to sharp and pointed objects. It is therefore of fundamental importance to avoid contact with objects that can cut the cotton yarn. It is also essential not to pull the threads, loosening the weft and the warp of cotton and thus making the yarn extremely more vulnerable. In the event that damage of any type of cotton yarn occurs, it is necessary to contact Customer Service immediately at to avoid a worsening of the state of bag, which could lead to the unparallelability of the same.
Moreover, unlike bags made exclusively with smooth leather, treatment with substances normally used for leather-care is not possible.
In order to revive the leather it is only possible to use, after having carried out a test on a small part of the bag and waiting at least 24 hours to verify that the treatment does not create any damage, a delicate Nivea cream for the body, applied only on the surface of leather with a thin brush and / or cotton bud (carefully avoid the cotton yarn).

What to do in case of problems.

Your Bruno Parise is a resistant bag but at the same time of a very particular workmanship: for this reason it is necessary that it is only worked by expert hands. In the event that the bag is found to have defects or damages, it is necessary to immediately contact our Customer Service at indicating the type of problem and sending high-definition images in which the problem is evident.

To guarantee us the possibility to solve the problem you must verify that the following indications have been respected:
- The bag must not have been previously repaired by a shoemaker or other operator.
- One or more threads of cotton used for the woven fabric must not have been cut voluntarily.
- One or more threads of cotton used for the façon of the bag must not have been cut voluntarily.
- The bag must not have obviously been exposed to sharp objects that have compromised the component of woven leather, irreparably cutting the cotton threads that form the warp and weft of the fabric itself.
- The bag must not have been evidently exposed to sharp objects that have compromised the surface of the smooth parts (eg handles).
- Our Customer Service was not immediately informed at as soon as you checked that one or more threads of the weft and the warp were pulled and loosened making the yarn itself more vulnerable.
- The bag must not have been cleaned and / or treated with substances other than those indicated and in the highlighted ways (by testing a small piece in a hidden area of ​​the bag).
- The bag must not have been entrusted to an operator for industrial or manual cleaning of the leather that did not comply with the above instructions for cleaning the bag.
- If, once a first cotton yarn damaged has been detected, the Customer Service is not immediately informed at and expects a deterioration such as the unraveling of the weave that makes the bag irreparable.

In case one or more of the above conditions have not been respected, unfortunately we will not be able to proceed with the restoration of the defect or damage.
However your complete satisfaction is our primary goal and we will always do our best to solve each one problem.

Enjoy Your Bruno Parise!